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Magento's Marketing Tools - Price Management

Why is Magento so great for e-commerce? Because it provides a lot of marketing tools, that make e-Commerce projects succesfull. Among them you can find promotions, newsletters, cross selling, tier prices, coupons, gift certificates, membership discounts, free shipping, etc.
If price management and promotions are important in your marketing strategy, here is a little guide what you are able to do with Magento on this field.

  • Product special price - Allows you to set special price for a product. New price will be valid between from and to dates.

Magento special prices in admin panel

Magento special price

  • Tier Prices enable you to set different prices per product depending on the amount bought by a customer.

Magento tier prices in admin panel

Tier prices

  • Catalog Promotional Pricing lets you set promotional price by percentage or fixed amount. You are able to specify complex conditions and restrict promotional prices to stores, categories or products. Very usefull tool. Rule below will aply to all blue products in category with ID 3.


  • Coupons with ability to restrict to stores, customer groups, time period, products, and categories. Once the customer reaches the cart and gives proper coupon code discount is applied.

Others price marketing tools are available on Magento Connect...