Me(e)t Magento Polska - it was worth it

It is already a week since Baobaz team has returned from first MeetMagento event in Poland, excitement wore off a little, yet we still are convinced - it was worth it!

Baobaz na Meet Magento 2012 w Warszawie

Magento Community

At first Meet Magento in Poland gathered around 100 people from all around Europe. Thomas Fleck, from NetResearch, said it beautifully - I came to Poland from Germany, to listen to a swiss company presentation in english on their experience with integration Magento for Ghana government institution.

Variety of attendants experience created great opportunity to exchange knowledge during coffee breaks between speeches, and were continued even at After Party on 40th floor of Mariott Panorama Bar. Additionally - what other conditions would have to be met to gather at one place several former Magento Core Team members and have opportunity to ask them these difficult questions you have kept in your head for months of Magento integration? Oppa Gagnam Style bros! :)

Experienced speakers

Meet Magento gave opportunity to listen to 22 speeches from 23 speakers (including Piotra Kamińskiego, Damiana Luszczymak, Ivana Chepurnyi i Vinai Kopp), who have shared both their experience with Magento integration and solutions for e-commerce market (payment gateways, email marketing solutions). Thanks to presence of Magento representatives it was also opportunity to listen how Magento evolved in last years, how Magento Developer Certification looks like and where is Magento 2.0 today.

Those who impatiently wait for Magento 2.0 there is a good and bad news. Magento takes effort to make new version well tested and documented, therefore we should not expect it soon, especially core parts are still being modified - if you go for new website during next year, stay with Magento 1.x. In the meantime we can count on new Service Pack editions for Magento 1.x, and the first version of Magento should be supported for several years to come after the release of Magento 2.0.


Big congratulations to the organizers from team -  Kuba Zwoliński and Marta Molińska - who, regardless it was their debut, have organized this event in professional way in nice atmosphere. From the entrance to the hotel kind girls wearing orange shirts with logo of the event guided everybody to the right floor and room. Speaches performed in polish were simultanously translated to english and at the same time were available on live stream.

Great job! Impatiently, and against mayan prophecies, we wait for MeetMagento 2013!

We are really happy that we had the opportunity to support this event as a sponsor and moreover we would like to thank the auditory for pleasant reception of our presentation.

Baobaz polish team keeps on growing

And it is not over as there is still recruiting going on!
Baobaz Polish Team

Bag-story launched !

Bag-story launched !

We're excited to announce the launch of a new webshop created by the Baobaz team ! Bag-story is a website offering a wide variety of bags, pouches and wallets. It's built using the Magento Enterprise Edition.

For more details, check out the site: Enjoy your shopping !

Magento Presentation (Magento Comics)

Magento comics by Baobaz

Translation by Anne Blot