Magento widgets

Can't wait to see stable Magento 1.4 . One of the news I am so looking forward are widgets.

What are these you ask?

Widgets allow you to add informational and marketing content on your site easily in administrator panel. For example you will be able to insert links to products, links to categories or links to cms pages, add CMS Blocks, add new, recently compared, recently viewed product lists - and all this in nice and simple way directly in backoffice. You will not need any programming knowledge to add dynamic content on your store pages.

Widgets can be inserted directly on CMS pages:

        Add widget

All you need to do is choose widget type...

        widget insertion

...and see it on your CMS page.

Or you can put widgets on other (not Cms) pages for example cart, product or category page. For that choose from top admin menu CMS > Widgets and click "Add New Widget Instance" button.

Add instance button

Choose the one you want and click continue button. Then you can to specify where widget will be displayed by creating layout updates:


That is it, your widgets are exactly where you need them.

4 comments on "Magento widgets"

mediacrea's picture
mediacrea (visitor) - Wed, 12/05/2010 - 23:58:

Ok Magento 1.4 is now stable

Can we have a concrete exemple using widget instance ?

Cause it's not documented on how to use it.


mediacrea's picture
mediacrea (visitor) - Sun, 16/05/2010 - 22:25:

ok, i've got it, I update my theme for 1.4

David's picture
David (visitor) - Wed, 23/02/2011 - 17:08:

when adding a new widget intance does anyone know how to insert a widget to a SPECIFIC cms page. You have the option 'all cms page' or 'home page' but what if I want to add a widget to a specific CMS page? Does anyone know about that? Thx guys ;-)

David's picture
David (visitor) - Wed, 23/02/2011 - 17:10:

Pleae have a look at this page here:
Seems to be very helpful ;-)