Magento 1.5 new features

After Magento Enterprise Edition 1.9 release, a new Magento Community Edition release just came out: 1.5 alpha.

This 1.5 version includes 3 new features that may be very useful for your Magento website:

  1. A new customers import/export module

    You may now export your customers and product from Magento backend with an advanced attribute filter feature.
    The good old dataflow profile feature is still available.
    Magento 1.5 product export
    Magento 1.5 customer export

  2. Order State and Status can be modified from Magento backend

    Now you don't have to edit XML files to modify order state and status as this can be done from the backend.
    Magento 1.5 order status
    Magento 1.5 order status edit

  3. Modify order adresses after an order has been made

    This will be very useful to customer services: you may now edit an address without having to create another order.
    Be careful though: this will not recalculate order amount nor shipping fees.
    Magento 1.5 order edit
    Magento 1.5 order address edit

More information on Magento 1.5 on Magento official website

1 comment on "Magento 1.5 new features"

Georgie's picture
Georgie (visitor) - Sat, 12/02/2011 - 13:09:

I keep getting errors with the import function!
I tried everything, from excel to openoffice to coda to check and prepare the csv to look exactly like the one I have exported. But nothing seems to be working.
Isn't it possible to write a converter, which could read an xls file and convert it to a magento 1.5. compatible csv?