Importing files into Magento

Among the many standard features, one of them is the subject of many questions: importing files into Magento.

Indeed, except for a few pure players who can just rely on Magento back-office, writing interfaces connections with existing information system is a prerequisite when setting up an e-Commerce solution.

This might involve:

  • updating your Magento catalog (SKU, description, pictures...) from an existing back office,
  • updating stocks quantities from an existing back office,
  • pushing new orders in batch mode (eg. once a day) or interactive mode (in real time) from Magento to logistic systems,
  • pulling orders (order statuses, shipping tracking IDs ...), from logistic system and send e-mails to customers,
  • pushing orders data to accounting systems,
  • pushing customers data to CRM systems,
  • et caetera.

Of course, these operations, their automation and especially their test running can not be built in a Magento module nor in the Magento configuration panel. However, Magento offers APIs and connectors that provide solutionq for writing connectors that can be easily and cleanly plugged to the core system. This allows to have less specific developments and insure compatibility with future versions. The most time consuming part will eventually be the specification of your business needs.