Custom contact forms with eZ-Gento

Magento contains built in simple contact form module, that allows to send a query by customer to web shop owner. Although it's not easy to customize it and fit into client's needs. As eZ Gento allows to load any content from eZ Publish, it also allows to use contact forms created by eZ Publish, which are much more flexible and gives a lot of possibilities that can be used on Magento site.

First of all, it is possible to add much more fields of different type, not only string or text area, but also email, selection, checkbox, date/time fields. All of this of course with data validation. Even more, thanks to eZ Publish extensibility, it's possible to develop our own specific data type. No limitations here!

Custom contact form

Next, it is possible to create as much different contact forms as client wants. Each of form can have different fields and fit to different part of website. When submitted, email will be sent to different recipients, for example depending on selected subject. Besides, everything can have many translations so fields will be displayed in proper language, exactly as it is presented in "eZ Gento - content translation" post.

Last important thing is that collected informations can be easily accessed from backoffice. It is also possible to export it or schedule for sending exports everyday. All of that thanks to eZ Gento that brings great content management functions to Magento!